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So Many Detailers lure you into using their service by utilizing incorrect terminology or “overselling and under-performing”. All of our terminology is grammatically and technically correct. What you read is what you get. Meaning you know exactly what you're paying for!
Amateurs or “Bargain Detailers” simply can’t give you the results that a professional can like "Gaines Experience." If you hire a “Bargain Detailer,” you most likely could do the same job yourself in just a couple of hours. Amateurs will run their so-called carpet extractor (if they even have one and many don’t) across the carpet if the stain doesn’t come out, "oh well" but Professionals like "Gaines Experience" knows the correct products and techniques to use on every stubborn stain, not to mention “waxes” that protect your vehicle from the elements. We use professional equipment, products, and soft water which makes a HUGE difference in how clean, protected, and healthy your car will remain. Protect your investment, don’t cheat yourself with a “Bargain" after all, the bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of a cheap price...try GAINES EXPERIENCE instead!

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